Positive Marriage Quotes & Love Quotes

A collection of the most positive, christian marriage quotations and love Quotes to inspire you by famous authors on marriage.

30 Favorite Marriage Quotes & Bible Verses

Marriage quotes are awesome encouragements that remind us in a creative way the power of love and the significance of the marriage covenant. Marriage quotes are brief statements that inspire us to love well. When I first married my husband, social media was still just getting started. It was nowhere near the magnitude at which it is at now. The marriage encouragement I received came directly from people, from the pulpit, from movies, or from books. Today, all I do is jump on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram and BAM! Marriage inspirational quotes and encouragements are everywhere! And I love it! When I began Unveiled Wife I knew I wanted to be a source of marriage encouragement for couples, especially for those who are active online,

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What Saved My Marriage From Being Destroyed By An Affair

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4 Psalm 37:4 saved my marriage, and because of that we have chosen, as a couple, to cling to this verse. I was in the middle of an affair. My world was falling apart. My husband was awaiting my answer? I had spend a week trying to figure out what I wanted. I had to figure out what was best for me, my heart, my soul and my life. Pretty selfish huh? My husband spent the week at his parent’s house and I stayed at our home. We had only been married for a short time, less than 2 years. In that 2 years, I fell in love with

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Our Family Is Our Greatest Adventure: Family Vlog #3

I wrote this poem as part of a very special birthday gift to my husband to share with him my heart on our family…and to tell him that we are expecting…again! Little #3 will be joining us this fall! I was so thrilled I was inspired to write this poem. I love the title and the powerful meaning of this poem, but I would like to add that God is ultimately my personal greatest adventure, hands down! Family comes in strong though <3   Below is the video of me surprising and reading the poem, then the words are written out below that.  Our Family Is Our Greatest Adventure Every day my love for you grows deeper, Every moment with you, I treasure. There is no

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A Happy Marriage Looks To The Future Not The Past

I have mentioned before how the first few years of my marriage were difficult. You have an even better idea of what I mean if you have read my book The Unveiled Wife. Those years were hard, strenuous, and frustrating. My husband and I were confronted with conflict and hardships every single day – and I don’t think we were well equipped to handle it all. 9 years later, we still encounter hardships. However, we have learned along the way how to navigate through the tough times while remaining one in our marriage, remaining in unity. Back then, I was learning how to be a wife and how to embrace what that role looks like in my marriage. I’ll be honest…I didn’t like marriage much.

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Being A Peacemaker & Bearing With One Another In Love

Being a peacemaker is part of my personality. I hate conflict and confrontation. I try to appease others, I make sacrifices and I fight for peace. I care about my relationships and I desire to make every effort to keep unity through peace. However, in marriage, I have realized that I am more likely to be in conflict with my husband than anyone else on Earth. When I feel uncomfortable, frustrated, or bitter toward my husband, being a peacemaker is the last thing on my mind. And peace is the last thing to be in our home. When my husband and I fail to be peacemakers, our home and our hearts seem to have no peace. Yet, the moment we intentionally try to being peace

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Traveling Through Life Together

Two such as you with such a master speed Cannot be parted nor be swept away From one another once you are agreed That life is only life forevermore Together wing to wing and oar to oar. This short excerpt is from The Master Speed by Robert Frost and it encouraged me so much for marriage. To be a wife or husband and making an oath to do so, means to stay side by side while traveling through life together. Frost is explaining that it is difficult to be separated or swept away when two people are agreed that life is only life – to me it means marriage is only marriage – when two are agreed to go through life side by side. It is

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