marriage restoration

Prayer: Hope For Broken Marriages

Dear Lord, I come humbly before You today interceding for broken marriages. The union between husbands and wives that have been severed, split apart, burdened, or crushed. I pray that You would give them peace of mind and in their hearts. Peace that comforts them, fills them with hope to see their relationships restored, and I pray You show them how it will happen. Show them the changes and adjustments that need to be made and give them the strength and self-discipline to make them. Set their hearts on fire with passion and desire to do what needs to be done to keep the covenant they made to their spouse and You. I pray that they would be able to forgive and truly move forward in

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God won't forsake you or your marriage

So, What Does Restoration In Marriage Look Like?

I last wrote about the fact that our Father is a God who restores.  I am an example of His restoration and redemptive nature – as is restoration in marriage.  And while restoration in your marriage will look differently than it does in mine, there are qualities about God’s plan for us that are all similar. So, what does marriage restoration look like? Well, before anything else, you have to trust in God.  This isn’t as easy as it sounds, maybe some of you already know that.  Trusting in God means that you trust in His plan for you and your marriage and most importantly, it means that you trust in His timing.  God’s timing and our timing are two entirely different calendars.  It’s true that restoration can

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Beyond Ordinary By Justin & Trisha Davis – Book Review

The first thing that captured my attention with this book was the title, Beyond Ordinary: When A Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough.  It immediately resonated with me because one thing that my husband and I have prayed for since our wedding is an extraordinary marriage.  However, with all the hardships presented in marriage it can be difficult to believe in extraordinary. I was so excited to read what Justin and Trisha Davis would share about, regarding marriage being beyond ordinary. I must also point out that I love the cover of this book! It brilliantly depicts a marriage story of a “picture-perfect marriage” experiencing brokenness, yet the background reveals restoration. My marriage relates to that, and I am sure many others do as well. In the

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Finding The Truth About Yourself Through Separation

Guest author Katie has opened up and shared the truth about being separated from her husband.  I was blessed by her story, to know that even in hardships she trusts God.  I am also encouraged to pray for Katie and her husband.  I know there are other wives who have been through a separation or are currently experiencing separation and I hope that this article brings peace to your heart.  Please join me in praying for marriages that are separated!  Thank you Katie for being so transparent as you retell what you have experienced. Katie writes: There was a point in my marriage that I would spend days praying that my husband would change. Really, for our last two years together I prayed this more

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Proof That There Is Hope After Betrayal

Over a year ago God put a passion in my heart to begin Unveiled Wife.  I really had no concept of its potential until it unfolded over this last year.  I also had no idea the impact I was making in other wives lives, I just felt a call to be obedient and so I poured my all into keeping up with it.  Every once in a while I receive such a huge encouragement and revelation of how God is using Unveiled Wife to restore marriages.  Below is a recent letter from a wife who shared with me a very endearing heart-felt thank you and testimony of what God has done in her and her marriage! Dear Unveiled Wife, I hope this email is able

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Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage

Do you sometimes feel like giving up on your marriage? I know that I have felt like giving up at least once in my marriage. Every wife needs encouragement for marriage!  Some may seriously be contemplating divorce, while others just need a little reminder of why marriage is so important.  This is a perfect guest article from Shakera encouraging all wives to have hope for the miracle of restoration in marriage.  Her message to all of us is: Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage!  Enjoy and be blessed! Shakera writes: It is no surprise that the devil attacks so many marriages in the world today.  It is one of the most important relationships that we as believers have. John 10:10 says that the thief comes only to

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