Encouragements For Wives

Encouragements For Wives are random articles intended to lift up wives including testimonies, inspirational images, quotes, etc. My hope is that wives would be empowered, no matter what condition their marriage is in, to remain committed to their husbands, pursue intimacy, and seek a God-centered relationship.

The Lord has been showing me things about my character that I have a habit of justifying.  For some reason my justification does not sound just anymore. Instead I feel a conviction to repent. I hesitated to share this with you… I didn’t want everyone I have ever had a conversation with to read it and be hurt, wondering if I have talked about them behind their backs. I didn’t want people to view me as a mean person. I didn’t want to acknowledge I actually struggle with this, because then I will be admitting how much I failed as […]

This is NOT your ordinary marriage book! I am currently reading a brand new book titled Jesus Is Better Than You Imagined by Jonathan Merritt. Picking it up it quickly became an inspiring piece that I knew I would want to share about, but it also didn’t take long for me to see the value this book will have on marriages all over the world. I never would have guessed that I would be recommending this book for married couples, but God has pressed it upon my heart as a necessary book for husbands and wives to invest in! Jonathan […]

For our entire relationship, communication has been a struggle for my husband and myself. For many, many years I have placed exclusive blame on my husband’s private nature. Over the past couple of months, however, the Lord has been taking me on a journey regarding my own communication weaknesses. I am left humbled and embarrassed to admit that the bulk of our communication struggles have, truly, been mine. Communication involves two important factors: speaking and listening. While I used to think I was an expert in both… I am realizing that is my weaknesses in both areas that have made […]

I will cut to the chase on sharing with you how my husband found out about my secret affair… I told him. It was not easy, in fact it was a painful experience for both of us.  We were driving in the car when the conviction to come clean overwhelmed my heart.  I wanted to stuff it down into a dark crevice never to be unearthed. I wanted to accept the lie that I shouldn’t tell him, that it wouldn’t be worth it.  I wanted to pretend like it never happened. But more than that…I wanted the brokenness in my […]

A few weeks ago I asked God what I should give up for the 40 day fast leading up to Easter.  As I assumed it would be a food item or electronic, I was surprised when I felt strongly convicted to give up the word “NO!” Over and over again in the days leading up to the fast, I recognized just how often I say no to my husband. Whether it is for a small favor, an opinion he has shared, or an invitation for sexual intimacy, I was quick to blurt out the word no! It was as if […]

Remember the resolution we all made at the beginning of the year? WE DID IT! In January we completed 30 straight days of going through Wife After God together through the online study group on Facebook and I couldn’t feel more blessed! It was so interesting and encouraging hearing everyone’s input and heart as we discussed each day’s content all month long. What a fantastic start to the new year! THANK YOU to all who participated! If you did not have a chance to join us in this study here is the link where you can go back and visit […]

There is a kind of divorce more devastating than that of physical separation. Although It is quiet and subtle, it is also cold and fierce; freezing hearts and wounding love’s strongest warriors. This divorce is deceptive. It masks itself with methodical togetherness and shallow adoration while under the surface the heart’s lush green pastures wither away. Once fertile soil becomes dry and brown yielding weeds useful only for stoking the fires of conflict. Unlike the physical separation of legal divorce, this type of divorce keeps two lovers close in proximity while fastening a wedge between their hearts. It seeks to […]

This is a guest article written by a woman named Shannon who has been radically impacted by the power of God. I hope her words fill you with encouragement today. Shannon writes:      I was recently asked what I would tell my 21 year old self. That question instantly took me back to one of the most painful times in my life. While all of my friends were enjoying their early adulthood freedoms I was experiencing the most challenging adult endeavors. I stood unmarried with a one year old son. Completely heart sick from my broken relationship with his […]

Yes the video provided explains these three announcements, but I wanted to expand just a little more with some information that is important for you! #1 – Unveiled Wife Turns 3! Thank you so much for being a part of this community! I am humbled and honored to be able to provide such rich resources for you and I praise God for growing it as He has been. I began Unveiled Wife March 15, 2011 and had no idea what it would look like. I struggled to publish articles that were transparent, fearing that people would not accept me and […]

I must preface this article and let you know that I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband is a coffee enthusiast. With that said, I think there is still validity to this issue that needs to be addressed…so here it goes… There has been a common conflict that has been surfacing among marriages lately. I have picked up on it in conversations I have had, surprised to discover that it seems to be a sensitive issue among wives…maybe you can relate? Who makes the coffee in your relationship? You wake up a little groggy and your first stop […]

I had the incredible honor of being able to interview Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow this week! As I woke up early Thursday morning, I was eager to chat with these two brave and godly women who are paving the way for Christians to openly discuss intimate issues. Dr. Juli Slattery wrote a book titled “No More Headaches” that revolutionized my perspective of sex in marriage and it was one of the first book reviews I have shared with the UW Community.  I highly recommend it to every wife I connect with. This week was a little rough.  My […]

There have been many articles circulating this week about Fasting and Lent, a tradition observed during the 6 weeks leading up to Easter.  This is the third year consecutively I have decided to join in the fast. You can check out the previous posts about this annual event by clicking the links below. {Fasting For My Marriage – 40 Day Fast Beginning February 22nd!} {A 40 Day Fast And Prayer For Marriage – Starting Feb.13th} I believe there are times that we should fast and pray because the Bible shares about it and encourages it.  So whether you choose to […]

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