Encouragements For Wives

Encouragements For Wives are random articles intended to lift up wives including testimonies, inspirational images, quotes, etc. My hope is that wives would be empowered, no matter what condition their marriage is in, to remain committed to their husbands, pursue intimacy, and seek a God-centered relationship.

Prayer: Compassion In Marriage

Dear God, Thank You for my marriage. Thank You for my husband’s heart. Thank You for the understanding he has of You. I pray that we both would have hearts full of compassion for each other. May Your Holy Spirit teach us how to live in peace with each other, while still communicating through difficult emotions. May You help us live in a way that reflects Your heart of compassion. May compassion motivate every decision we make in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: The Soldier’s Wife

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for the men who sacrifice their life for the protection of others.  Thank You for their courage.  Please protect them as they serve, comfort their hearts while away from their families, and affirm their faith daily.  We also pray for their wives who wait patiently everyday until they are reunited.  Thank You for these wives, who sacrifice a large majority of their marital relationship, knowing the good that will come from it.  Bless them for the courage they have to stand firm, especially those that are carrying children or raising children.  Please continue to strengthen these women, comforting them as they are bombarded daily with doubts and insecurities.  Equip them to push those thoughts aside, and have faith in what

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Things My Friends Say

I love my girlfriends so much! They are such a necessary and vital part of my life. It is so important to surround yourself with women who will challenge you, encourage you, comfort you, and advise you! My friends have been there for me through some difficult times, being the tangible hands, feet, and heart of Jesus to me and my family! Making friends and keeping them is not always easy, but if we walk humbly and love others, there are bound to be some that stick closer than a brother! My husband got me set up on Slack. It is a messaging app that keeps things organized. We decided to use it for the way my friends, and the women in our Church Fellowship

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We Don’t Call Them Terrible Two’s

Our son Wyatt turns 2 today! As he takes strides out of toddler phase and into becoming a big boy I have some thoughts I want to share, thoughts that hopefully inspire you in your parenting journey! The first thing is that the transition to becoming a big kid is a big deal! Whether you start making changes in your children’s life around a milestone birthday or a random day of the week doesn’t really matter. What matters is the message we are handing to them through the power of our words and actions. For example, we decided that Wyatt was old enough for a “Big Kid Bed” meaning he would no longer sleep in his crib, but a twin bed with a real comforter

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The Power Of Transferring Love

My daughter sat at the kitchen table finishing up her dinner. I was sitting on the couch nursing our youngest. My daughter, Olive, who is three years old, looked over my way and said in the sweetest, high-pitched, Fancy Nancy voice, Mom, when I’m done eating, I’m gonna snuggle with you and hug you and put all of my love in your heart.” My heart filled up immediately. It was as if her just saying those words transferred her love to my heart and filled it up completely. The bonus was her running up to me just a few minutes later to smother me with kisses and hugs. This got me thinking about the way love is transferred. God is love. If God is in

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Help! My Children Are Growing Up Too Fast!

Today my son Eliott turns SIX?! It feels like only yesterday that I was in labor, anxious and excited to meet my first child. Now I have four children and time doesn’t seem to be stopping or slowing down enough to savor all of the goodness. The Bible says children are a blessing. As much as I have always been fond of children, eager to babysit or enjoying my job as a preschool assistant back in the day, there is nothing quite like a house full of littles. But that right there is the problem I am having…they aren’t staying little long enough! Some days feel long, some days feel really long, and mommy needs a time out. But overall, in the grand scheme of

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