Encouragements For Wives

Encouragements For Wives are random articles intended to lift up wives including testimonies, inspirational images, quotes, etc. My hope is that wives would be empowered, no matter what condition their marriage is in, to remain committed to their husbands, pursue intimacy, and seek a God-centered relationship.

This past winter, temperatures hit a record cold. In the midst of the arctic blast, I bundled up, went outside and hauled our trash bins down to the curb. It was negative two degrees (20 below with wind chill) at 11 PM, and they were predicting the temperature was going to continue drop through the night. My husband was returning home from work around 2 AM and if I didn’t take the trash down at negative two degrees, he would have to in even colder temperatures. I smiled as I darted down the driveway imagining my husband being pleasantly surprised […]

My husband showed me how to time travel when we were dating. Since then we have done it quite a few times. It is not the kind of time travel described in Hollywood movies and there is no time machine required to do it. We simply travel through time together. It goes something like this… Hey babe, want to time travel?” “Sure!” I respond with a smile on my face. The anticipation of where he travels to, always stirs up curiosity in my heart. We were sitting on the edge of the dock under the gazebo. It was hot. The water […]

I had a wife email me, asking me how I got over the pain from my husband confessing his addiction to pornography. It took me a minute to figure out how to respond to her. I wanted to share with her because I know in my heart I truly forgive my husband and I have been able to move past the offenses. I also wanted to encourage her because my husband and I are more intimate in our marriage now, than we ever have been…and I hoped that her and her husband could attain that too. I know God has healed […]

My daughter is two months old! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by. I shared about her birth story HERE if you are interested. Her name is Olive. Olive will learn about marriage directly by how my husband and I interact with each other. I desire her to have a positive perspective about marriage and to know what her role is as a wife for when she marries. I recently wrote an article for All Mom Does sharing 3 Things I Want My Daughter To Know About Marriage. These are the top priorities I hope to teach my […]

There is a very real spiritual battle going on and all of our marriages are targets for destruction. The enemy is relentlessly warring against us, aiming to breakdown our marriages. We need to stand strong and we need to be actively defending and protecting what is ours, what is God’s. We need to fight for our marriages. We need to fortify our marriages and strengthen our love with our spouse so that when attacks come, we are prepared to hang on through any circumstance. We do this by initiating intimacy and intentionally pursuing one another, always. This summer my husband […]

My husband and I proactively protect our marriage. Our love and trust for one another have grown over the years, and I believe that there are specific things we have done to foster that growth. Today, I want to share one of those ways with you. My husband and I know that our flesh is weak and that we are capable of sinning against one another. We also know that the enemy will do everything in his power to tempt our flesh to sin against one another. With this in mind, we have always agreed to keep a Zero Privacy Policy. […]

This is a guest article written by a wife named Joelle. Her transparency about marriage reveals a situation that many wives have experienced before, but she provides a profound way of addressing the issue. Be sure to read the whole article and leave Joelle a comment to share your thoughts with her! Joelle also writes at patiencefaithreward.com. Joelle writes: I had just spent the last hour in the car, driving with complete silence. I had lost myself in my thoughts and I assumed my husband had as well. I was 8 months pregnant with our second and I wasn’t feeling well. […]

I have been writing on Unveiled Wife since March 2011. I committed to honestly write about my journey of being a Christian wife and the things I am learning about on the way. There have been some incredible discoveries God has allowed me to see about my character; some through reading His word and others through interactions with my husband. I have shared many of them with you through this blog. Here is a short list of some of the most life changing realizations I have come to: Breaking The Silence To Tell My Husband What I Was Hiding Listening […]

My husband and I recently instated a morning time of intimacy with coffee and tea tradition. We get up a bit earlier than usual and sit across from each other. We read God’s Word, talk about it and pray. It has been influential in setting the tone in our relationship for the day. The third morning in, I could not stop thinking about something I had been avoiding. I had been hiding something from my husband and I knew I needed to break the silence, especially after hearing my husband read a Psalm and a Proverb. It was as if […]

My son loves ice cream. However, he has always been extremely sensitive to dairy. When we go for a visit to the local ice cream shop he always asks for “orange” ice cream. I order him the mango sorbet, which is dairy-free, and it has become his favorite. The other day I stumbled upon a DIY orange creamsicle recipe on Pinterest. I thought it would be fun to make actual orange flavored ice cream and give my son something new and healthy to try! The original recipe can be found here: SuperHealthyKids.com …but I did adapt it, so I will […]

The quiet fight between women…the glares, the judgmental comments said through smiles, the feelings of awkwardness or even unwantedness stirred up. I have seen this happen between other women and I have experienced it myself. I have been on the side of feeling put down and hated, and I humbly admit I have been on the side of judging others. What about you? Can you honestly look at your life and pin point at what times you have been on both sides? Before you say that one thing that you know will inflict pain, or do that one thing that […]

My husband and I were driving home the other night and as we passed by billboards that stood high above ground, there was one that made me nauseous. The advertisement simply read: Fast divorce and bankruptcy… call this number!” My heart sank in my chest from the weight of a burden I felt for all the people who see that billboard on a daily basis. I am aware that there are circumstances that lead people to one or both of these routes, but I find it disgusting how our society flaunts these two options as a quick way to make your […]

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