Category: Encouragements For Wives

  • Prayer: Protecting Each Other’s Hearts

    Prayer: Protecting Each Other’s Hearts

    Dear Lord, Thank You for the gift of marriage. Thank You for giving us to each other. We pray we would protect each other’s hearts. We pray we would support each other every day in the endeavors we pursue. We pray Your Holy Spirit would help us to walk with integrity, in humility, considering each…

  • Prayer: Keeping Bitterness Away

    Prayer: Keeping Bitterness Away

    Dear Lord, Please keep bitterness far from my heart. I pray bitterness would not grow any sort of root in me. I pray specifically that I would remain bitter toward my husband for anything. Please help me to keep bitterness far away from our marriage in Jesus’ name AMEN!

  • Prayer: Resting In God

    Prayer: Resting In God

    Dear God, Many of us wives are overwhelmed with things to do throughout the day. Sometimes our daily activities list is longer than a family tree! We are multi-taskers! However, we are constantly being drained of energy, strength and sometimes our attitudes. Thank You for the responsibilities You have trusted us with and thank You…

  • Prayer: Forgiving Sins In Marriage

    Prayer: Forgiving Sins In Marriage

    Dear God, I cry out to You! I lift up my heart and all wives around the world. You know the burden on our hearts, the struggles we face, the temptation that threatens, the sin that corrupts, and bitterness that harbors. Holy Spirit continue to guide us, opening our ears so that we may hear, opening…

  • Prayer: Marriages Under Fire

    Prayer: Marriages Under Fire

    Dear God, I come to You today on my knees, petitioning for protection over marriages. I pray for those couples who feel as though they are being attacked, those who feel as if they were drowning, those who feel trapped, burdened, mistreated, or abused. I lift up those in despair, at the end of their…

  • Prayer: Marriages Will Prevail In Jesus Name

    Prayer: Marriages Will Prevail In Jesus Name

    Dear God, I pray for the despaired, the hopeless, the fearful, the sad, the overwhelmed, the insecure, and the angry. I pray for spouses who can’t find the strength to pick their head up. I pray for those who harbor bitterness, discontentment, selfishness, and revenge. Please Lord, break these walls down! Holy Spirit, please overfill…