Encouragements For Wives

Encouragements For Wives are random articles intended to lift up wives including testimonies, inspirational images, quotes, etc. My hope is that wives would be empowered, no matter what condition their marriage is in, to remain committed to their husbands, pursue intimacy, and seek a God-centered relationship.

Last year I really wanted to attend Women Of Faith, but unfortunately I was not able to make it. After hearing all about how it went, I did not want to miss the opportunity to attend this year! I am so excited to share with you that I will be attending TWO of the WOF events, one in Anaheim, CA and the other in Portland, OR. The theme for this year’s 2014 tour is “From Survival To Revival” which I think resonates in every woman’s heart. As much as I want to invite you to join me at one of […]

I use to struggle with consuming thoughts of doubt, unsure if my husband and I were truly in love. This doubt haunted me! Those first four years of marriage were the most trying. Instead of feeling fulfilled that I was finally a wife in a happily-ever-after kind of love relationship, I found myself in amidst a combat zone defending my life and sanity. I yearned to have a perfect marriage, a perfect life… I was unprepared for the challenges we faced as a couple… I often doubted our love and wondered… Is my marriage a mistake? It is incredibly difficult […]

Recently, I sat down and interviewed my husband regarding sex. I figured by doing this, I would kill two birds with one stone. For one, I would learn more about what my husband prefers… sexually. And two, I would have a steamy article topic for Unveiled Wife. What I didn’t expect, was to find out that not all guys can be stigmatized with the same shallow views about sex. It’s my hope that by sharing this with you, you may see things from a man’s perspective. And that it will possibly give you a little deeper insight into your man. […]

March 6th 2013, I woke up to a sight I had never seen before. I could see my nose! At first I thought I was just a bit cross-eyed and would snap back to normal once I fully woke up. However, after a few hours of being able to see my nose in my field of vision I began to worry. Do I have a tumor pushing my eyes closer together? Am I having a bad reaction to the antibiotic I was taking? Am I going blind? At a time when I was experiencing an intense amount of anxiety, I […]

I am honored to be participating in an awesome series with 4 beautiful blogging friends who are also passionate about encouraging marriages! As we kick off this summer we are bringing you the ultimate summer reading list for marriage books!  Each of us are taking turns this week sharing a little heart to heart about marriage, while also providing a special snippet of our marriage resources! Be sure to check out each of our posts by clicking through the links below: Monday:          Lisa of Club31Women Tuesday:         Darlene of Time-Warp Wife Wednesday:   Courtney of WomenLivingWell Thursday:    […]

You have an incredible gift, the gift of learning. We all learn through experience as well as through reading and researching.  One of the greatest tools used in retraining behaviors, improving, breaking habits, or making adjustments in life is learning. The more educated we are about ourselves and about the issues that concern us, the better we are at making choices that benefit us and others. I use to struggle with pornography, and one way my perspective and desire changed about it came as I learned more about its devastating affects to my body/mind, learning what the industry is truly […]

I was recently invited to a local gathering for business women.  I admit I was a little intimated to go, unsure of what to expect, yet eager to meet other women passionate about what they do.  We all need the encouraging friendships, am I right?! I knew if I went I would be meeting new friends, something that has always been a little challenging for me, but I didn’t want to show up fearful or timid.  I put my game face on, ready to shake hands and smile, a lot.  What I didn’t expect was the surprise encounter waiting for […]

He walks in the room loudly when I just put the baby down. Really??! He walks by and steps on my toe. Really??! We are going to leave a friend’s house and just when we get our hands full, say good-bye, and juggle holding the baby, he remembers he has to go to the bathroom. Really??! He puts orange peelings in the kitchen sink without a garbage disposal and leaves them there. Really??! When we are running late and he has to do one more thing…real quick. Really??! Seriously??! Are you kidding me? Ugh!?! Wow!?? Yeah, right!? Moron, idiot, stupid… […]

I believe being involved in community is vital, especially for wives.  God used community to save my marriage when my husband and I were in the darkest days of our marriage.  We were suffering and could barely withstand the pressures and contention that was building up.  We stepped into a community that was centered on intentionally making Christ the foundation of marriage.  That community of believers became our best friends, and now we consider them family. God uses people to encourage, affirm, and keep others accountable to faith and to living life His way. I was recently invited by my […]

I am trying my hand at gardening.  It has been so fun to plant a wide variety of seeds, water them, and make sure sunlight is abundant.  My favorite part is witnessing the green sprout that pokes through the soil after many days of waiting patiently for them to burst! The Lord has been using my experience with gardening to reveal to me just how closely it relates to marriage and family.  I recommend you jump on over to The Better Mom to read more on this revelation God gave to me about planting the right kind of seeds.  Basically it is […]

When I was thinking about which topic I should choose for my article this month, God continued to bring the same topic to mind:  women who have husbands who are non-believers or whose husbands have turned away from the Lord. Each time this topic came to mind, I dismissed it because this is not my story. My husband is a Christian and has been throughout our entire marriage and dating relationship. So, how could I write about this topic? The truth is, God has continued to bring women who are in this circumstance into my life and has asked me to […]

  Sometimes our fights are as strong as a current, as consistent as waves, and as stubborn as unmovable rocks.  Marital fights cause the same kind of erosion as powerful waves do when they hit the shore. Is this not the truth? When I fight with my husband, stubbornness and pride can be as strong as a boulder.  It doesn’t matter what is said, thrown, debated, or seen, stubbornness and pride seem unmovable.  I dig my heels down and refuse to pursue unity, for the sake of receiving validation for my feelings.  However, no matter how dense they (pride and stubbornness) […]

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