Marriage Devotionals For Wives

My purpose for these short marriage devotionals are to encourage wives through God’s Word. Each devotional has God inspired content, based on what God is currently teaching me. His Word is rich in wisdom and comfort and I believe it is important that we are encouraged through scripture, especially about marriage and relationships.

Ways To Intentionally Build Intimacy With Your Friends

Having friends is a key component that I believe is necessary for every woman’s livelihood.  Being a part of community has a powerful and positive influence on our lives as we are surrounded by like-minded people who truly care about us and accept us, but who also walk by our side advising and encouraging us to be better. In community we have support and love.  In community we can experience deep friendships that re-energize us for our relationships with our husbands and children. There is something uniquely special about the way a friend can comfort and help you become the woman God desires you to be. Here is a list of creative ways to build intimacy with your friends: – Go through a devotional together

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20 Ways To Intentionally Build Intimacy With God

I love the verse James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. We must draw near to God!  When we do, He is near! Having an intimate relationship with God is the best thing I have ever done in my life.  I have found peace, freedom, security, trust, and so much love.  In my relationship with God I have known the power of His amazing grace and I will not hesitate to encourage everyone to experience the same.  It has revolutionized my marriage and completely transformed my heart. In my relationship with God, I share with Him all that is on my heart.  This use to be very difficult for me as I believed He already knew all I was

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3 Tips For Communicating In A Relationship

“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” James 1:19 The first year of marriage is hard. You are just starting to really get to know each other and are probably seeing each other’s true colors for the very first time. The first real argument that my husband and I had wasn’t even about the thing we had begun discussing. You see, the way I was responding to him and the tone of my voice had sent our little minor disagreement into our first full-fledged fight. I was angry and I let it show by my quick wit and disrespectful remarks. I felt like a child that didn’t get her

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A Heart For Marriage – A 7 Day Study

Although I am already married and assume most of you are as well, I think that it is still extremely important to dive into what the Bible says about marriage. Just because you are married, doesn’t mean you should stop studying or learning about God’s design for marriage. Because of this, I have decided to give myself a “refresher” this week and invite you to join me in studying each day to learn God’s Heart For Marriage. Day 1: Genesis 2:5-25 What better way to start than at the beginning – the creation of man and woman. One of the things that always stuck out most to me was how God truly provided for Adam. He saw that man was not good alone, and created

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Learning To Praise God In The Hard Times

The Bible is full of interesting and inspiring words that can help you in your marriage relationship. As you read God’s Word ask Him to help you understand the scriptures you read in light of marriage. It is amazing how relevant the Bible is, never ceasing to amaze me! Please take a moment to read Job Chapter 1. This piece of scripture really helped me recently. Although I knew the story of Job, specific things jumped out at me that I never took into account before. My heart was sensitive to it, because it reminded me of my own life. Job 1:13-19 is exasperating as one thing after another hits Job. Between each messenger talking to Job is a repeating phrase, “While he was still

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A Great Way To Reconnect In Marriage

The fresh, pine-scented air filled our lungs, refreshing tired bodies and spirits. Our fingers laced together in the silence. We drove this way for a long time. Hours. We had been given this amazing opportunity to spend a few uninterrupted hours exploring one of our nation’s most beautiful treasures. Hour upon hour to reconnect, talk, reflect, connect. Connect we did, but in silence. Not the edgy silence wrapped in the chill of anger; nor the awkward silence of a first date in which the course of conversation ran out long before. No, this was the silence of connection; contentment. It had been so long since we had been alone together for any significant amount of time. Our hearts, minds and souls needed to decompress; to breathe. And

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