Letter To My Husband

Christian love letters to husbands from their wives.
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Letter To My Husband: Through It All

Dear Ben, Darling, I love you more than anything on this earth. Through the good and the tough times I know that God has blessed me through you: with the bliss of you in the good times, all that I am learning in the hard times, and your enduring love through it all. I love watching you with our children, your affection for them and how you connect with a child’s heart. I know they love you and trust you. That gives me a window into your heart, too, for you cannot deceive a child in your character. I am sorry that I sometimes doubt or distrust you. Help me to learn to trust you, to have faith in you. As I journey toward your

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Letter To My Husband: My Love, My Life

Dear Allen, Over a year ago we meet online. I did not know what I was getting into. What I did know is you were special. You were so kind, handsome, loveable. Unlike any other man I had known. We were engaged at 4 months and married at 10 months into our relationship. It has almost been 6 months since we have been married and a year and two months since we meet. What an amazing 14 months it has been. You have changed my whole life for the better. God showed me what real love was when he brought me you. He blessed me with a wise, handsome, caring, loving husband. I’m the happiest I have ever been. I pray that God stays in our

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Letter To My Husband: These Are The Vows

Dear David, I think that when people first get married, they have no idea what they are getting ready to face with their partner. There is hope for a bright future, a loving family, and cooperation as they navigate marriage. I understand now why marriage vows are “canned” for lack of a better word. It is easier to say, “For better or for worse…’til death do us part” when the couple does not really know what that means at that moment. These are the vows I have been learning how to keep. After five years of marriage, I believe these are the vows I need to keep to do my part as your partner, friend, and lover. My Vows to You… I vow to pray

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Letter To My Husband: Becoming One

Dear Ronald, You have been a source of encouragement and strength, my king. You push hard and love even more so. I appreciate you and who you are. Our 4 years has been a journey and I intend to continue in this love process. As olives are pressed into their great oils, so are we pressed in fire, struggle, and life, but we win. Thank you for your kindness, understanding, and unfailing faith in the Lord. I follow you as you follow Christ. I follow you to the gas station and around the world! Thank you for praying for me and for our family- all our 4 children. I am blessed and count it an honor to be your rib! Love Your Wife

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Letter To My Husband: My Love

Dear James, I am so blessed that God placed you in my life. I love so many things about you and our marriage. You are such a funny man. You have made my life so beautiful. The way that you love me is so beautiful. I appreciate that you work for our household and our marriage. You have a heart of Gold. God gave me such a beautiful gift when He gave me you to be my husband. You are so quick to help others and I adore that and more about you. Love you so much. Love, Your Wife

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Letter To My Husband: God’s Gift

Dear Cody, My Love. First and foremost, Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be broken. For excepting me and all my pieces. All my baggage and insecurities. All my highs and lows and all my messes. Before I met you, I knew what I wanted. A man who “treated me like a princess.” I searched. Being let down by every forced attempt. I started to hit rock bottom. Losing everything. Battling over an infertility diagnosis alone. Having to move back home after losing my job, my place to live. Not feeling very welcomed by my own family at the time. It all made me feel hopeless and impossible to love in that condition. All this time while searching for “Charming” to fill this

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