Letter To My Husband

Christian love letters to husbands from their wives.
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Letter To My Husband: Not Without God

Dear Billy, Our challenges the past few weeks have been great. We haven’t communicated like a married couple should. As you travel the world hauling your load, I’m home missing and thinking about you. Can our marriage survive the daily obstacles that have hit us in such a short time? The answer is NOT WITHOUT GOD! We have been trying to do things our way. I’m ready to start letting God guide us and I hope you are willing to lay it down in front of Him also. I love you, but that’s not enough for me. I want to be so in love with you that I don’t know where I stop and you begin. I want to be the wife God designed for

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Letter To My Husband: Grace Wins

Dear Alex, 8+ months ago when you sat across the porch from me confessing your sin of infidelity, the only thing I knew in those moments were that I loved you. I couldn’t see our future, I couldn’t see the life we had built, I couldn’t see you as my husband. All I saw was a child of God in need of love from Him. I didn’t even know in that moment who God really was or that he was working through me, but looking back now I’m so glad He took control in that time. I will never forget that moment. Yes I was in so much pain, but He made all that pain worth it – to fight for our marriage. God was

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Letter To My Husband: God’s Amazing Artwork

Dear Austin, My Amazing Husband, For the past 30 days I have been reading a devotional that has opened my eyes. It has helped me realize that the marriage I have with you is an amazing gift that Christ has given us. That YOU are an amazing gift that God has given to me. You make me be a better person. You push me to be so much more than what I think I can be. You have given me everything I have ever dreamed of and more! Do we have the perfect marriage? Maybe not, but to me it is. It is perfect for me. We have had our ups and downs in our 32 years of life, even more so than the average

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Letter To My Husband: Please Be My Valentine

Dear Jeff Wallace Dear Jeff, It appears that I cannot stop thinking about you. I do love you. I know I love you. You are simply the best. Who would not love that smile and sense of humor? You, my loving husband, are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Simply put, you complete me. Please be my valentine. Love you forever and always, Your Loving Wife, Ashley

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Letter To My Husband: Another Year Has Gone By

Dear Grant, On 8 December 2012 we had no idea what the future had in store for us but four years down the line we are still walking side by side. These past four years have been marked by an unmistakable commitment and strong and sure love that surpasses the things that life throws at us. Your heart and soul have always been so patient and understanding with me, you have encouraged and supported me and together we have grown. We have shared many moments both in laughter and pain, but it has made us stronger. I understand you better than I did last year and the year before. The changes that have happened have been for the better. There has been so many blessings.

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Letter To My Husband: Year One Love Letter

Dear Trevor, My love, One year down, forever to go. This year has been the most challenging and most amazing year of my life. I wouldn’t change a single moment of it. Not a single moment. I want you to know a few of the many things you’ve taught me this year. 1. Men are just as gassy as I always imagined. 2. Filling your love meter takes intentionality, and that needs to be kept up with. And most importantly, 3. Forgiveness is a four letter word: love. You’ve helped me grow in love for you, but also for God. I thank you for that especially. This next year I pray that we will continue to grow together with God and that our love for

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