My Story

These posts are manly about my life story and testimony.

Our Family Is Growing

My husband and I have had the blessing of being parents for 5 years now. It has been a beautiful journey with many miraculous and wonderful moments, as well as some of the most challenging for me personally as a mother and for our marriage. Just as marriage has been used to refine us as individuals, drawing us closer to each other and to God…parenting has also refined us and drawn us intimately closer to each other and to God. We rely on one another in ways that are necessary in order for a family to operate in a healthy way, and we rely on God daily to help us navigate this journey. In the 5 years that we have experienced being parents and working

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Reflecting On 2017

Every year since I first launched my blog in 2011, I have ended the year with a time of reflection. It is my way of highlighting the things that happened here on the blog and in my family life. I love to look back at the year and see how God moved in our lives and praise Him for it all! This year ended with a house full of sick kids. They got a cold that did not want to leave. Between their cold and my exhaustion, we decided to lay low at home for a few weeks, which turned out to be a huge blessing in that we spent quality family time together every day. It was great. I decided not to focus on

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Our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Music Video: “I Get To Love You”

To celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, Aaron and I compiled flashback footage from throughout our marriage and made a cute music video to the song “I Get To Love You” by Ruelle. We used small point and shoot cameras, nice cameras, iPhones, and a video camera to record at different times throughout our marriage. Looking back on our time together I am reminded of all the places we have seen and the awesome things we have been able to do. I also noticed the physical changes we went through from weight gain to different hair styles. This was so fun to do and I encourage every married couple to take time to record precious moments of their time together so you can look back

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My Favorite Marriage Moments

Have you ever been going on with your daily routine and something happens that trigger a flood of memories to rush your heart and mind? That happened to me and it felt so good. It put a huge smile on my face. It is usually a small gesture that my husband does or something he says that trigger this for me. A few of my favorite memories rushed my heart recently and so I thought I would write them down. Maybe when I am old and forgetful I will stumble back upon this and experience that rush once again. My husband and I have spent a ton of time together. We have worked together, served together, and, well, just living together has all provided ample opportunity

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Why It Is Good To Evaluate Life: Reflecting On 2016

We all go through seasons and situations that make an impact in our lives and marriages. Circumstances that we endure can have positive or negative impacts, in some cases resulting in ways that influence us for the rest of our lives. I believe it is important to look back through those seasons or moments we endured and evaluate them. Acknowledging what happened and the choices we made during those times can reveal things about ourselves or our spouse that perhaps we didn’t know before. Perhaps looking back will provide a perspective we never saw before or reveal something about God we never thought of. Evaluating what was endured can give understanding of who we are and what we are capable of…what God is capable of.

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Who Told You That You Had To Be Superwoman?

I just got done writing this brief update for you and I look up from my laptop to see a beautiful young woman sitting next me in a comfy leather chair, hidden in the corner of this quaint little coffee shop. Her feet are propped up on a chair, crossed in a relaxed sort of way. In one hand she is holding down a page of a book that is nestled in her lap, while her other hand is laying across her growing belly, letting her baby know that no matter what, she is there and she cares deeply. Women…especially those of us who are carrying a sweet little baby inside…we need to do this more! We need to know the value of rest. We

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