Reviews of Christian Marriage Books & Movies

I started reading marriage books to improve the condition of my relationship with my husband. I felt led to write reviews that included how each resource helped my marriage to encourage other couples to use some of these tools to promote growth in their relationships and to give better understanding of what each resource is. I want to urge all husbands and wives to nurture their marriages by choosing the right resources based on their needs.

A Christian Postpartum Course That Every Expecting Mom Needs | Review

I am 38 ½ weeks pregnant with our fourth child. We are so excited to meet this little one! With labor, delivery, and postpartum on the horizon, I went through my friend Angie’s Christian Postpartum Course. Angie was my doula for both Olive and Wyatt. We are hoping she can make it to this birth as well, however as she is also in her third trimester we are keeping those plans tentative. Angie has personally walked me through two very different postpartum journeys. Her expertise and passion for helping mothers during this crucial season has been an incredible blessing to me. As labor, delivery, and postpartum approach for me once again, I wanted to be proactive in preparing for this adventure. I just completed the

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The Case For Christ: Movie Review

My husband and I spent an early night in bed together and watched the movie The Case For Christ, which is based on the true life story of Lee Strobel and how he came to faith in God after being an atheist. I have heard of the book by Lee Strobel, The Case For Christ and I have read the student edition by Jane Vogel. So when we were looking for a movie to watch and saw this one pop up we both agreed we should watch it. Rent or Buy the movie on Amazon! This was a great Christian movie, with a powerful marriage message. The movie is about a husband and wife who experience a traumatic experience with their young daughter. This event

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An Easy Guide To Praying For Your Child

Your relationship with your child is a beautiful journey. There is no doubt that prayer has an essential and important purpose in this journey. Prayer is simply the way You communicate with God about the intricacies of your relationship with your child. As your pray for your son or daughter, you are seeking and pursuing God’s perfect will for their life. Through prayer you are faithfully going to the throne of God and petitioning for God’s goodness and faithfulness to bless and protect your child. My husband and I realized the power of prayer early on in our marriage. When our children came along, there was no way for us to embrace our roles as parents without relying on God’s strength, wisdom, and guidance. We

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The Star: Movie Review

Our kids love the excitement of going to the movie theater. There is something special about sitting in those big seats, staring at the massive screen, and hearing the surround sound with its intense volume. The experience is fun for us do together as a family, and I wish we could do it more. We recently took our children (5, 2.5, 1) to go see The Star, a film based on the birth of Jesus. I loved this movie and our kids sat through it laughing and loving it too! The characters highlighted in the film are the animals who play a role in the story including a donkey, a sheep, 3 camels, a bird, a few other barn animals. The story of Jesus coming

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You And Me Forever By Francis Chan & Lisa Chan | Book Review

I started reading You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity by Francis Chan and Lisa Chan in January 2016. I think the enemy wanted to keep me far from this book because of how inspiring it is. Although the book itself is not a big or burdensome book to read (only 191 pages), it took me a whole year to read it. I kept getting distracted. At the beginning of this year I saw it on my husband’s desk and felt the urge to finish it. I have been determined this last week and I finally finished reading it. I highly recommend this book and urge anyone who attempts to read it to beware that the enemy is not going to like you

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Fireproof: A Movie For Every Marriage | Review

About 5 years ago my husband and I watched Fireproof, a faith-based film that follows a marriage through brokenness to restoration. I thought I had reviewed it and shared it on my blog for others to know about, but I checked recently and didn’t see it. Despite being nearly 8 years old, this movie is very relevant for every marriage. I highly recommend it.  I rented it from Amazon recently for the second time and took a few notes. Buy DVD HERE Rent Movie HERE This is a great movie for couples to curl up on the couch together or watch in bed together. I feel like it hits some specific points on marriage that most couples can relate with. It also provides an awesome

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