Reviews of Christian Marriage Books & Movies

I started reading marriage books to improve the condition of my relationship with my husband. I felt led to write reviews that included how each resource helped my marriage to encourage other couples to use some of these tools to promote growth in their relationships and to give better understanding of what each resource is. I want to urge all husbands and wives to nurture their marriages by choosing the right resources based on their needs.

Book Review – The Meaning Of Marriage Chapter 1 – The Secret Of Marriage

The Introduction I don’t want to hesitate to tell you that The Meaning Of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God by Timothy and Kathy Keller is an excellent book and a great resource to encourage growth in marriage.  I decided to review this book in parts in correlation to the chapters, that way you can follow along with me and see how this book impacts my marriage!   Timothy and Kathy have been married over 37 years.  Much of their marriage experience, along with Timothy’s experience as a Pastor are the major contributing components to the awesome content in this book.  Timothy is the main author of The Meaning Of Marriage, while Kathy adds splashes of her insight. In the

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Movie Review – Courageous

  Courageous is a film by the creators of Fireproof.  This movie was a great story regarding a group of men and their response to faith in Christ and assuming their responsibilities as men of integrity, including their roles as fathers and husbands.  I recently watched Courageous with my husband and we both enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Courageous reveals truths about God’s intentions for men to live up to His standards.  These men are faced with financial hardships, relational struggles, and even death-threatening situations.  It was awesome to see how some of these men experienced a change of heart and saw life in a different perspective.  I really appreciated that because it helps us view our life through a different lens.  It is

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Love And Respect By Eggerichs – Book Review

Love And Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is a phenomenal marriage tool that should be in the hands of every husband and wife.  This book has drastically changed my approach to marriage, especially helping my husband and I understand each other and our responses a bit better.  This book highlights some of the greatest communication mysteries that have perplexed husbands and wives for centuries! Eggerichs and his wife discovered a truth regarding marriages found in Ephesians 5:33, “However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” Eggerichs and his wife began to focus on love and respect in their own marriage and saw instant change begin to take place.  They began speaking on

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Untapped Responses

Walking down the hall towards the bathroom, I hear thunderous footsteps approaching quickly.  My husband chases me into the bathroom tickling me the whole way.  He wraps his strong arms around me and kisses my cheek, while fits of laughter take me over. In that instant I had an overwhelming joy and an intense love fill my heart.  The moment we encountered was spontaneous and surprising.  It’s funny how such a small action can add so much value to a relationship… and that is when I had this thought: How many “untapped” positive responses are couples missing out on because they don’t speak each other’s love language? Many of you may be familiar with Dr. Gary Chapman’s book about the 5 love languages.  You can

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Soul Surfer Review

I have been waiting to see Soul Surfer for a while now, I love watching movies based on true stories.  I had some time to spare so I rented it online through Amazon.  As I began watching the screen I immediately got enveloped into the story, almost forgetting about the reason this movie was made.  Then came the moment when Bethany, a young surfer girl was attacked by a shark.  The scene was dramatic and emotionally painful to watch, as her friends struggled to help get her and themselves safely to shore.  Bethany was hurried to the hospital where the doctors rushed to save her life.  My own insides churned as Bethany’s mother and father were in shock to see their baby girl being brought

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Weekend To Remember By Family Life – Review

A few months ago my husband and I found out about Family Life and their passion to help build healthy, God-centered marriages.  We became huge supporters of this ministry immediately.  A few weeks later, we went to FUSE, the marriage ministry at our church, and a couple, who use to attend our church, were guest speaking.  Their names are Art and Jen Powell and they are missionaries in Arkansas, volunteering for Family Life.  They shared a beautiful testimony with us, explaining how God led them to Family Life and how it has blessed them in many ways.  We continued to find out more about Family Life, including their marriage getaway called Weekend To Remember! Some of you reading this have already attended this event with

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