Marriage Prayers Daily

Marriage Prayer: Praying for your marriage is essential to having a thriving marriage and to seeing Gods power in your marriage. Each of these prayers are specifically written to lift up your marriage to the lord. Prayer is the gift God gave us to be able to have direct access to His throne room to communicate with Him.

These marriage prayers are purposed to encourage and guide you as you pray for specific aspects of your husband’s life and character. My hope is that this marriage resource motivates you to intentionally pray and petition for your husband and your marriage on a daily basis through the power of prayer.

Please pray them over your marriage and husband.

Prayer Of The Day – Trust In God’s Economy

Dear Lord, Please help marriages in this hard financial time. Please minister your grace and peace and comfort to every heart that is fearful and having a hard time financially. May there to be unity instead of isolation and encouragement instead of disrespect and disregard. Lord help us to love like you do. Help our faith to soar and to reach the highest mountains. Help us to trust in your economy and not the world’s. May husbands and wives rally together to get out of debt and stay debt-free. Holy Spirit help us to be appreciative of your provision and to trust that you will give us exactly what we need in your timing. I pray for better money management skills and to be a

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Prayer Of The Day – Authority In Christ

Father God, In the name of Jesus, I come before you, humbling myself knowing that without you I am nothing. It is your Spirit within me that leads and empowers me to pray for those who are struggling with a decision. Families torn apart by drug addiction, pornography, immigration laws, prison sentences, hate, unforgiveness. We are overwhelmed at times by the fiery darts of the enemy, many of us have grown weary in our battles. Lord God, today by the authority given to me by Jesus Christ, I command all forms of addiction and division in families to be broken in the name of Jesus! I come against all perversion, sin, doubt, every challenge and obstacle keeping your people from your best. I believe in

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Prayer Of The Day – Comfort For Couples Separated

Dear Lord, Help families who maybe apart for one reason or another.  May your Holy Spirit comfort them, strength them in their season of life that you have them in, and help them to trust you in all of their circumstances.  Please intercede for them as they endure what they are facing.  Thank you for your peace that settles in the deep places in our hearts, which helps us to cope.  May you heal any pain caused by the separation.  Please protect both husbands and wives as their vulnerability is exposed.  May you restore their relationship, reconcile them to each other, and give them an extraordinary moment of  reconnection in Jesus name Amen!!!

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Prayer Of The Day – Strength For Marriage

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for being who you are and Thank you for your concern for us. Help us to believe every word of Scripture and live it out to the best of our ability. Strengthen us where we are weak and assist us to go on in faithfulness. I pray for strength for our marriage.  May your strength fill us so that we can endure anything. Please help me to show my husband strength and help my husband to be strong as well. Be our strong tower, our shade, and our resting place. Continue to shape us into the vessels of honor that you desire to use in the magnificent name of Jesus, Amen!

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Prayer Of The Day – Submitting To God’s Will

Dear Lord, Thank you for the lessons you have taught me along the way, especially the tough and bitter ones. They have taught me that it is your time and not my time. That patience and perseverance are virtues I should adorn. That changing my husband does not guarantee me a lifetime of happiness, but changing me and succumbing to your will is what makes all the difference. Fill me with your abundant love, grace and mercies and your wisdom to discern the moments I should speak and those that I shouldn’t. For it is in Jesus mighty name we pray, believing and trusting, AMEN!

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Prayer Of The Day – Nurture Your Marriage

Dear Lord, I lift up my marriage to you.  I pray protection over my marriage, specifically from the temptations of the world.  Please guard my husband’s heart and my heart, equip us to be strong and resistant against sin, give us compassion for each other, and please help us to reconcile often.  I pray against the comparison we justify when we see other couples.  We get jealous of how they interact, how they operate, or what they have.  This is damaging to our marriage.  We need to nurture what we have!  Please help us to nurture our relationship, to water it regularly, to invest into it daily.  May your power, your love, and your grace be evident in our marriage in Jesus name AMEN!

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