Marriage Prayers Daily

Marriage Prayer: Praying for your marriage is essential to having a thriving marriage and to seeing Gods power in your marriage. Each of these prayers are specifically written to lift up your marriage to the lord. Prayer is the gift God gave us to be able to have direct access to His throne room to communicate with Him.

These marriage prayers are purposed to encourage and guide you as you pray for specific aspects of your husband’s life and character. My hope is that this marriage resource motivates you to intentionally pray and petition for your husband and your marriage on a daily basis through the power of prayer.

Please pray them over your marriage and husband.

Prayer Of The Day – Thank You God

Dear Lord, Thank you for today. Thank you for the mercy you have shown me. Thank you for washing me clean and forgiving my sin. You have given me life abundantly. Thank you for my heart and the understanding I have of you. I appreciate you Lord. I love you. I also thank you for my marriage. Although there are times of frustration, hurt, and anger in my relationship with my husband, there are also moments of intimacy, joy, and companionship. Thank you for bringing us together and using us to help each other grow. I pray that my husband has a great day today. Please help us to love in beautiful ways, to initiate intimacy, to spend time talking to each other and to pray together. This is my hearts desire. Draw us closer

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Prayer Of The Day – Drawing Close To God

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for loving me. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for showing me my worthiness and for pursuing me. I am in awe of you Lord! I submit my heart to you. May your Holy Spirit transform me and make me like you. I pray that I can draw near to you. Please help me make time for you each and every day. I know that as I draw near to you, you will draw near to me. I want to be incredibly close to you Lord. I desire to have an intimate relationship with you, where I am transparent and let you know how I am feeling. As our intimacy increases, I pray that it encourages growth in my

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Prayer Of The Day – Praying For My Husband

Dear Lord, I lift up my husband to you right now. I thank you for his life and for pairing him with me. He is my best friend and I love him so much. I pray protection over him. May you guard his mind and his heart from temptation. Give him the strength to resist sin. Continue to mature his character and make him more like you. I pray that he would recognize his role as husband and head of our home. Equip him to lead us as you have called him to. I pray that I can be a supportive wife and trust his lead. I pray I can be a helper to my husband and serve him humbly. May you bless my husband

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Prayer Of The Day – Remove My Fear Lord

Dear Lord, I lift up my heart to you. I so often struggle with fear and worry. It grips my mind and my heart. It erodes my faith. Please Help me not to fear Lord! I want to have a heart that trusts in you completely. I pray that my faith increases. I pray that I would not have any fear about initiating intimacy with my husband, even if it is just a conversation. I pray that I would not be overly concerned about what my husband thinks, to the point where I am hindered. I also pray that I would not worry about my husband, about our finances, about anything. I want to do everything in faith and I am confident that having more

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Prayer Of The Day – Protecting Marriage & Family

Dear Lord, Thank you for showing us in your word how we can protect marriage and family. You have outlined a set of armor for us to put on daily. It is perfect and it is powerful. I am so sorry for the days I neglect to put it on. My negligence leaves room for the attacks of the enemy. I do not want to leave my marriage or family vulnerable. I choose to do as your word says and put on the full armor of God. Please help me to do this every day. I pray it is engraved in my heart. May your will be done in me and through me in Jesus name AMEN!

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Prayer Of The Day – Marriage Is To Make Us Holy

Dear Lord, Thank you for today. Thank you for loving me and thank you for giving me a husband that loves me. I pray that I would understand more of how you designed marriage to make me holy. I got married for love and happiness, but have realized that there is so much more. You designed marriage with purpose and intentionality. You knew that marriage would change me, help my character, and refine me and my husband. Help me to embrace the whole journey no matter what happens and to trust you more along the way! I desire to be a wife who seeks after you in Jesus name AMEN!

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