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A collection of the most positive, christian marriage quotations and love Quotes to inspire you by famous authors on marriage.

We've been through a lot already, and have many more hurdles to cross, but I can't wait to cross them together.

A Positive Life Verse for Young Couples

My husband and I started dating when we were 16-years-old. We were just two kids going into their junior year of high school, who didn’t really know anything about love or relationships. I remember pouring over blogs and books for teen girls, hoping to find some sort of encouragement for a young dating couple—but I found not one thing. Most said, “Don’t bother dating in high school, it won’t work out.” However, we knew that God had something special for our future. We were best friends first, and boyfriend and girlfriend second. God was our main priority, and we simply wanted to follow his plan. Setting an example despite others’ opinions. However, not many people took us seriously, since most high school relationships do fade

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"When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed HOPE" - Psalm 94:19

When Doubt Threatens My Marriage

When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer. Psalm 94:19 (NLT) I struggle with doubt that I am in God’s will. I lack the confidence a lot of times to believe that I heard Him right. Sometimes it is hard to believe that He does want good things for me. When times are hard, it can be easy to believe that I am out of God’s will and give up. There have been times in my marriage that I have wanted to give up. There are times when it gets harder after God has told me to stay and causes me to doubt that staying and working on my marriage will produce a better, more God-glorifying marriage. I need to

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Challenges In Marriage

Growing up I imagined a great deal about the man that I would marry. What would he look like? What would he be like? Where would he come from? Would he be a southern boy? A Californian? A South American? I had my “list” stored away in my mind and I knew for sure he had to be tall and I had to be attracted to him. Several years before I met the man that I would marry I had this unshakeable feeling that he would be from another country. Needless to say, that “feeling” was right! I married a tall and very handsome South African man named Ciaran (Keron) who was born and raised in the heart of Johannesburg during the latter of the

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When You Need The Truth To Set You Free

My gown glides across the carpet, as I walk the aisle believing I’ll be married forever. As a 21-year-old virgin bride, I’m confident divorce will never, ever, happen to me. I kneel at the altar and say my vows, exchanging rings with my groom. He captivates me and I’m confident I’ll never be attracted to anyone else. Ever. As they announce us husband and wife, I smile at all who have come, and my mind does not comprehend how I’ll be capable of beginning a two-year affair five years from now. And if someone were to tell me I’d be divorced ten years from now, and re-married to the affair-guy, I’d call you crazy and bet my life it would never be. And although my

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3 Tips For Communicating In A Relationship

“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” James 1:19 The first year of marriage is hard. You are just starting to really get to know each other and are probably seeing each other’s true colors for the very first time. The first real argument that my husband and I had wasn’t even about the thing we had begun discussing. You see, the way I was responding to him and the tone of my voice had sent our little minor disagreement into our first full-fledged fight. I was angry and I let it show by my quick wit and disrespectful remarks. I felt like a child that didn’t get her

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"Kindness is a gift that puts a smile on someone else's face."

Kindness Is A Beautiful Gift Of True Love

Ignite The Fire Of Your Marriage – Week 2 The sun was headed towards the horizon, leaving streaks of different colors painted across the sky. I was laboring in the kitchen with a few of my friends, preparing dinner for everyone on the base. We all took turns serving each other – a joy which everyone seemed to do passionately. We were missionaries in rural Africa being the hands and feet of Jesus. While I chopped up tomatoes, carrots, and apples for a delicious salad, my husband came in to ask if I could take a break. At first I denied him, taking my responsibility in the kitchen seriously. When he asked again with a grin on his face, I was too curious to see

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