Sex & Intimacy In Marriage

Sex and intimacy are key elements of marriage and they are topics that proved to be the greatest hardships in my marriage. I am still learning the importance of sex and intimacy, and I feel there are many other wives like me who need more knowledge and encouragement in this area of marital oneness. I hope that our Christian culture will make it easier to talk about sex and intimacy so that others are aware of its relevance in marriage.

How One Woman Found Healing From Painful Sex…

I recently received a powerful testimony from a woman who found healing from painful sex. Please read her testimony and then I will explain a little more: (She asked to remain anonymous) I married my high school sweetheart at age 19. We were both virgins and when our wedding night came, I expected magic. Instead I felt pain and disappointment. I didn’t expect sex to hurt so bad. I figured we were rookies and eventually pain during intercourse would go away. It didn’t. Years went by. I lost count of how many gynecologist I saw; none of them having answers. My husband was always patient, kind and gentle but it still ate away at me. I thought making love with my husband was supposed to be beautiful,

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Struggle With PCOS? Find Out How This Woman Improved Her Symptoms!

In 2010 we gained quite a few friendships through our church. God gave us opportunities to build these relationships on a weekly basis after we joined the marriage ministry. We would see the same couples every Wednesday as we learned what God’s purpose for marriage is and discussed marriage topics in a small group study. We found ourselves having dinner with these friends, and opening up about our struggle with sex in hopes to find some answers. On one occasion our friends shared a story with us of another couple who were inspired to go organic. When we first heard this testimony we didn’t see a correlation with our situation, so we didn’t think anything about it. It wasn’t until a few months later that God

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What Do I Do When My Husband’s Eyes Wander?

My husband was a slave to the temptation and sin of looking at pornography for years. We both had an expectation that his struggle with it would dissipate when we got married. However, the truth is that it had a tight grip on him. Getting married didn’t fix his problem at all. In fact, the intimacy issues we had only amplified his desire for it. Knowing that my husband had a lust problem crushed me, but somehow I was able to forgive him and move on. Even though it wrecked my heart knowing his sin, the impact of knowledge was not as damaging then had I caught him in the act. I always found out after it happened. He would tell me that he had

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Sexy Game Date Night Ideas

One of the elements often missing from marital bedrooms is a sense of play. While sex in marriage is deeply intimate, it’s also recreational and pleasurable. It’s supposed to make you smile…and maybe even laugh sometimes. So why not introduce that lighthearted mood by planning a sexy game night with your spouse? Choose the game you want to play. There are sexy games appropriate for married Christian couples. Quality online Christian retailers screen games and let you know if there are any questionable portions. Moreover, almost any game you own can be converted into a sexy game. Strip Battleship? Sure! Sink a ship, and your “opponent” removes an item of clothing. Sexy Monopoly? Sure! Land on his property, and you owe him a romantic or

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4 Ways To Thrive As A Military Wife

Guest author Rebekah Madren, is a military wife and she is sharing with us today some incredible encouragement and insight into being a supportive wife.  Rebekah writes: My fantastic husband is in the Marine Corps. You probably know what hides behind the handsome uniform—deployments, crazy long hours, frequent moves, being a single mom. The Marine Corps sometimes seems like large, loud man that moved straight in to your living room. He disrupts family life and can eat up your resources like there’s no tomorrow. But, I know my husband is called to this profession at this time. So, isn’t this God’s best plan for me, too? I don’t have it all figured out. But I do believe God’s plan for me to be a military wife

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When You Decide To Initiate, And A Fight Breaks Out Instead!

Today’s topic of discussion is initiating. When it comes to sex, someone has to be the one to start it, to turn the flame on, to let the other one know it’s time to get busy. Initiating does not come easy to me. I didn’t see this as a problem until a few years into marriage. My husband got his feelings hurt by me because I rarely initiated. He wanted to know that I wanted him and desired him. Initiating was evidence of that. Once I knew how my husband felt, I wanted to change, but it was hard, it is still hard. I first had to evaluate why it was hard for me. A few things were revealed. Initiating is an act of romance.

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